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The company KOVOPO Classics s.r.o. is a dynamically developing company. During our business activities, we gained a rich experience in the field of plating, chrome plating, nickel plating, grinding, sandblasting and renovation of oldtimers and built our own know-how. Thanks to this we can guarantee our customers a completely professional and individual approach with maximum emphasis on resulting quality. We are also very well aware of the value and often irreplaceability of components, so we handle all parts with great care and caution.

How does it work?

We come and collect the parts in person

On the spot, we discuss the basic framework of process steps of the renovation (eg what needs to be repaired, welded, or where the parts need to fit etc), so that the result corresponds with your ideas as much as possible. At the moment when the parts are delivered to our company, their registration, identification and photo documentation takes place so that there is no confusion. Then the entire order is given its own unique number. 

We will prepare the price offer

According to the condition and possible range of damage, extent of the renovation procedure and also the price of all planned operations, we make a price offer. We will send you photo documentation of the order together with the price of individual parts to the agreed email. In case that there are any complications due to the condition of the parts, we will contact you immediately to discuss next steps and related price adjustment.

We renovate parts and perform quality control

Prior to the dispatch of the order, an output quality control and completeness of the order is always performed, which is again photo-documented and afterwards carefully packed.

We deliver the complete finished order to you in person again

Another great advantage of our company are short delivery times thanks to the large handling capacity, precise system of control and monitoring of all processes, in case of (Fe) iron parts about 2-3 months. In case of (Al) aluminium and (ZnAl) zincalloy parts, the deadlines are longer due to higher difficulty of the process - usually 4-5 months.

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